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Beach Images Free From Around 200 Awesome Photos LKB

You saw 7 Types of People on the Beach

Beach Images Free Hello, friend! Unless you live in the Bahamas, you probably already miss the beach. But maybe, after I remind you of some people you can find there, you won’t miss it that much. Hey, man, it’s so sunny, you really need a pair of sunglasses.

What? Do you already have one? You need more, bro! Besides sunglasses, those guys have a million other things, but I’ve never seen anybody buy anything from them… My guess is that they are drug dealers. So if you ever need a little *sniff sniff* you know whom to talk to.

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He wanders the beach like a zombie yelling the same catchphrase over and over again something like A donut a day keeps healthy veins away! If you go to one beach at least three days in a row you’ll remember that phrase till the day you die!

Also known as the Shrimp Folk or Wannabe Cherokee. You see them on their first day on the beach, white as cocaine. But for some reason, they don’t use sunscreen. They probably forgot it at home, happens to everybody. The next day you see them again, now in their boiled form.

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And again you don’t see them using a sunscreen. When you ask why, they respond: Oh, I already got a sunburn, it won’t get worse, will it? Oh, sweetie… it will. Those are the smart ones. They didn’t forget the sunscreen at home. And it’s not just any sunscreen.

It’s 100+! They cover themselves with it like there’s no tomorrow and wait… …to get a tan. They stand for hours near the waterline, but never actually enter the water. It’s too cold. And it’s okay, everybody does what he wants. The thing is those people really.

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I mean REALLY wanna do it! They go to the beach every day, and endlessly try to perform this great feat. But they just can’t… Doesn’t do much, this one. He chooses a strategic spot and observes the females in the wild.

Hmm… cool, that’s me, it’s my type, guys! Oh, wait, I mean The reason why men go to the beach! Topless girls. I mean, not girls, of course, young attractive girls don’t do that. Women! Mature women. REALLY mature women.

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They just lie down, sunbathing and showing their old saggy tits to the world. Yeah, I don’t have pictures for this one… That’s about it. If you’re one of those types, please don’t get offended, I just like to say stupid things.

If on the other hand, your type wasn’t mentioned, feel free to tell me about it in the comments. Also, if you subscribe, like, or share this video with your friends, someone will offer you a cookie! Someday. Maybe… Ciao!

The five best BEACHES – pics, tips & tricks, maps.

The boat takes you to Egremni Beach and lets you enjoy 1-2 hours of the nicest blue clear water and big waves. Don’t forget your camera, it’s a unique chance for that profile picture to finally look exquisite with those colors in the back.

After Beach, one of my favorites. It’s a little piece of paradise, an intimate place with clear water, few people, a tiny beach, and a place where you can enjoy a meal or a coffee in front of the sea. It’s surrounded by trees and rocks, and what can I tell you.

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I just wished I lived here… You can drive to Afteli Beach and spend a whole day here. There’s no need for a boat trip. Agiofilli Beach. I hope I got that name right…I’m not sure but … anyway. We took a boat trip from Vasiliki and lounged here for some hours.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to get here by car. The beach is not so intimate but it’s still beautiful. You can rent a sunbed and have ice cream or a beer on the beach, which is great! Try snorkeling, you might spot some playful fishes around. Kavalikefta.

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Definitely number one on my list. The road is awful but manageable so yeah you can drive to the beach but it’s not gonna be the smoothest ride… I was amazed when I first saw this place. The huge rocks in the water are specific for this little spot of heaven.


Don’t forget to get the special water sneakers because there is no sand here, just small rocks that hurt your feet if you’re not wearing anything or just simple slippers. The image of Kavalikefta Beach remains in my mind always. Porto Katsiki.

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Did you know that Akatsuki means goat? So…yeah Port of the Goat. Great places you expected. I suggest a boat trip to get here and bathe in the sun for some hours. Don’t expect it to be a hidden place, everybody visits Porto Katsiki, it’s known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.


Buenos Días Tangerineys! It is our final full day here in Playa del Carmen. Before we head out for breakfast were just enjoying some coffee at the hotel Which I find just delightful not having to make coffee in the morning, just having it be there.

So we’ve bought our tickets for the ferry ride over to Cozumel. They are 420 pesos each and we’re riding in first class. And that’s for a round-trip. So we’re on the Ultramar Ferry. The boat has one section downstairs that’s supposed to be for first class.

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Only but it’s not roped off or anything, so it seems like anyone just goes there and takes up all the seats. We did find a more exclusive spot that was roped off so we came upstairs. Now we have a table, nice seats, and more room! It’s great!.

I get seasick really easily so I was really nervous about this ride but I learned a trick put your finger right here on your wrist. It helped me so much! You’re welcome by the way. Oh. I was the person who told you that.

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Thank you! Alright, so we just showed up here in Cozumel. I honestly have no idea what’s on this island to do. Well, I’ve seen two stores so far, A Cartier store and a Rolex store, so hopefully, it gets a little bit cheaper than that!

Otherwise, we have to get right back on that boat! Yep, we’re going home. [Laughter] We’ve been on this island for approximately 15 minutes now and the vendors are a little bit outrageous. Don’t take no for an answer.

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I feel rude because I’m just like trying to stare at the ground and not make eye contact. What do you think about this water? It’s pretty! I want to get in it, I’m hot! This looks so cool! Well, this place, their menu was totally in US Dollars and we asked for a menu in pesos and they didna have one.

The margaritas were ridiculously expensive. We’re going to try to find somewhere else. We are now at Tequila Beach Club, in Cozumel. Cozumel. This is pretty nice! The day has been nothing short of aggravating up to this point.

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They tried to overcharge us at this previous restaurant that we went to adding other stuff on the bill. The margarita sucked and they still charged us for it even though I didn’t drink it. But So far this is going great! We have some nice chairs with the waves crashing in front of us.

Something that looks like a play structure in the water which I’m definitely going to get in on! We might do some snorkeling, I want to do that for sure! The water feels so nice! How do you feel about the wristband though? We got the basic package which was 306 pesos per person to get in.

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Andon, it says “exactly what you deserve – basic” Really guys? [Laughter] The drinks are a little over a hundred pesos apiece, but we have happy hour coming up from 4:00 to6:00 where they’ll be 2×1, so that’ll be nice!

And the waves aren’t very big on this side of Cozumel and there’s no seaweed, which is awesome! So I’m excited to hang out for a bit! Yeah, me too! I’m taking it out. Okay, we made it up! I don’t get what this thing is. Pretzel? I don’t get it either.

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Now I’m going on to this really shaky platform, so I’m gonna have to put you guys away again. Okay, here we go. [Laughter] How does it feel to look like a huge dork? I don’t know why you have to put this on camera.

I wanna go snorkeling! All right, let’s go! Before coming to Mexico I called up my friend who has a sunglass company. It’s these ones I’m wearing they’re SO Like SOL sunglasses dot com. I was like “Hey I need to buy a bunch of pairs of sunglasses from you.”

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Well-priced, they’re also good quality, great lenses. We’ll put a link in the description, use the code “tangerine” for a little bit of a special friend discount. I have been snorkeling for the past like, I don’t know, for probably like an hour and a half straight.

I don’t think I’ve ever snorkeled before really, except for maybe the very first time I came to Mexico when I was like six. What we have behind us right now is one of the most beautiful sunsetsI’ve ever seen in my life.

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I think! Unfortunately, in Playa del Carmen you don’t get beach sunsets, you only get beach sunrises so you have to take the ferry on over here to Cozumel if you want a beach sunset. Man is it worth it! Wow, yeah!

I was super annoyed by all the vendors and all the people trying to scam us, and what seemed like gonna be another one terrible thing after another adding stuff onto the bill and stuff like that. However this Beach Club in particular I thought was very worth the money.

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We got a nice chair on the beach, we could snorkel, play on all this great equipment. The random beach playground over here and all the snorkeling gear was included in the price of the entry fee. I could not believe how much tropical fish I saw!

I’ve never in my life been like in the water with this many fish! And I saw a stingray, like a white stingray! And we may have seen a barracuda! You guys, this is the fish, correct us if we’re wrong. If that’s not a barracuda, I don’t know.

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I freaked out, I thought it was gonna like to attack me [Laughter] Instead I attacked it. Well, I chased it. This was way too much fun! I would specifically come back to this beach club. I don’t know about any of the others, honestly.

But this one is very close to the ferry in terms of the, I mean Cozumel’s is a big island! This one was only three kilometers away from the ferry. Did it cost us 70 pesos? 70 pesos cab ride – like a four-minute. With some negotiating involved there.

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But wow, this was our last day here, a great wrap up to this trip. I will be honest, Playa del Carmen is not on my list of places in Mexico that I will return to because of all the tourist traps, scammy things that happened.

Restaurants adding stuff onto the bill, charging us a hundred and sixty pesos for glasses of water. Just stuff like that, one after another. It happened way too many times for it to be a coincidence. And if you’re one of the people trying to screw tourists over, shame on you! Shame on you.

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Because this is the only time a lot of people, a lot of tourists see Mexico. And if this is their only experience, that’s going to be a put a pretty bad taste in their mouth for Mexico. I mean, you guys, Mexico has a bad reputation from the media anyway.

So then you have people trying to screw tourists over just to get a few bucks. I mean that shitty! And that’s probably going to be their only Mexico experience ever because they’ll be like “I’m never coming back.

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Enough of this rant! This is not a drill! We’re trying to make the boat! This is seriously not, the ferry leaves in like two minutes! The tickets. Oh my gosh, by some miracle we made it! Buenos Días! We are on the ADO bus headed to the Cancun Airport now.


This is the way to go! Air conditioning is really nice. I think it’s gonna take like an hour and a half to get there. The tickets were how much? 198 pesos each. Much less expensive than our 1400 peso cab ride here. Plus tip. Plus tip. We are inside the airport now.

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It was a really smooth bus ride. This trip has been a lot of fun but I’m not gonna lie, I’m super exhausted and I just want to be back. So we’re on the plane now. It ended up being delayed by four hours because of the hurricane.

That’s going on and various weather conditions across the country. It’s weirdly foggy on this plane right now, like steamy with the air-conditioning. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Alrighty, so we are back at the Guadalajara Airport.

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A safe flight. Reflecting on our first time with a Mexican airline, I’d say this particular airline wasn’t… Ugg, this guy with a whistle! The Uber’s right here. Oh. One moment, please! Alrighty, so we just arrived back in Ajijic.

We were gonna record something in the cab but we actually ended up getting into some really nice conversation in Spanish and so we always like to take that practice. Now, we are hopping in the car and going to get Laska.

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So we were going to tell you guys what we thought about the airline Volaris. I would say that it wasn’t like a terrible experience as we’d never do it again, but we’re definitely gonna want to try Interjet. Because a lot of people recommended that one.

Yeah, I mean, I think our Volaris experience is better than our Viva Aerobus experience because that company canceled our flight without any notification whatsoever. Seats were less than desirably comfortable.

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My butt is so sore! My ass is like super sore from sitting in those like nonpadded seats. I’m a little pissed that because of the weight thing that they have we had to pay 500 pesos extra, but as you pointed out,

They are very upfront about that so it’s not like a sneaky charge that they try to add on there. But it’s still kind of irritating because we could have just paid that extra money and gone with a nicer airline, so that’s just what we’re gonna do next time.

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Hi there! Oh, hi! [Laughter] Have you been having lots of fun with Laska? Wanna give me some kisses? Thank you! Laska! Oh, hi! Wah! Okay, hi! Oh wow, this is the quietest you’ve ever been when we picked you up! She’s like “hey they’re mine!”

Oh hi! Thanks, fo the kiss! Well, you look happy! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you see more videos that we have coming up! But one more thing GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified when we put out these new videos and we’ll see you there!

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