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Birthday wishes for daughter The birth of a girl, a daughter, a little princess, and a favorite of parents is an event so exciting that even many years later when the family will celebrate both its twentieth and thirtieth birthday, it will be impossible to refrain from violent emotions. Not remembering everything that was associated with her birthday, coming into this world, with a real Miracle. That is why congratulations on your daughter’s birthday are always so bright, emotional, gentle, and beautiful. What can you wish our daughters? So that they enjoy life, and do not pay attention to obstacles. Knowing how much we love them, how we are always ready to help and support them in any situation, they will easily overcome all possible difficulties, emerge victoriously, and solve all problems.

  • There is no happier in life than the day when we became your parents! Happy birthday, daughter! Be happy and loved!
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free birthday wishes for daughter

  • Your smile will warm you even on the most cloudy day! May the light that you give to people return to you in full, and all your dreams come true! Happy birthday, daughter!
  • Daughter – you are the best thing that happened in my life! Happy Birthday, dear! Blossom, grow in your best qualities, enjoy every day!
birthday wishes for daughter
  • Beloved daughter, happy birthday! Bring your bold ideas to life! Let there be a person next to you who will help you do this! I wish you health, longevity, and all earthly blessings!
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  • The most precious treasure -your sensitive heart! Let it beat for a long time! Dear daughter, happy birthday!
  • Your birthday gave us, Tenderness of the sea and warmth, My mother and I don’t even know, How did our life go before ?! birthday wishes for daughter
  • A beautiful, bright ray of the sun, Here’s your birthday again! May God send blissfully, joyful peace in your window!
  • Let success not forget, Be you loved and tender, Friends, relatives surround, Spring reigns in the soul!
    Our dear blood, Happiness, apparently, has no limit! I gave the fullness of life, Thank you, daughter, for this!
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birthday wishes for daughter

  • May there always be wisdom with you, River discoveries and confessions, Our beloved princess,
    Do not know your disappointment!
  • In everything, you, daughter, are beautiful, So stay yourself, Dear daughter, happy birthday!
    Parents are always with you! The movement is only upward, The path is only sunny,
    Dear man, Let all the sorrows pass by!
  • I love your daughter! I wish you to live like this So that at the end of the road, I do not grieve about him!
  • And yet, let the way To “plus infinity”, Always my child: And here, and in eternity!
  • May everything that I feel To you from birth, You will find in people, Daughter, happy birthday!
  • Let happiness flow with trickles of the hotkey of love, the career path develops like “Lego”, and the whole life will become a bright, colored canvas! Happy birthday, daughter!
birthday message for daughter
  • You are our Cinderella! Kind, smart, beautiful hostess! Let these qualities only multiply, and a worthy prince will not keep you waiting! But remember, in your fairy tale there is no place for evil and ill-wishers because your loving mother is always nearby! Happy Birthday, sunny!
  • We would like to wish that the horse will always accompany you in life! In your career – be on horseback! In any difficult situation – go as a horse, choose a gorgeous handsome man on a white horse as your husband! Happy holiday, dear!
  • Daughter, let life be a blooming garden with a tree of love, a lake of quiet family comfort and peace, and the sea of life, raging with waves of troubles and problems, is in a different climatic zone! Happy birthday, my favorite ray!
  • My adult lady, but for me – still the same baby! Always remain a charming, mischievous girl with the smile of the sun and the laugh of a bell! I wish you happiness and a good mood!
  • Daughter, a ray of light in the dark kingdom, Beloved, my dear, Today you have become a year older,
    Today is your birthday. I wish you to grow up happy, I wish you many sweet, good days,
    So that you always remain so beautiful, Obedient, my little girl.
  • Even if I scold you, I still adore, love, I, daughter, I understand you, I appreciate your kind and sweet disposition! birthday wishes for daughter
  • Happy Birthday! Let them give bouquets And surprises, what are you waiting for, dear, They say compliments from the heart, It will be a good holiday!
birthday wishes for daughter
  • My dear daughter, Little baby, Today you have a holiday -Has grown a little! But she remained for me a
    Sweet baby, I adore you Strongly, even too much! Congratulations at this hour Happy birthday, daughter!
    You, with the shine of kind eyes, A beautiful flower!
  • Today is a joyful holiday, Cheerful laughter rings, And cake, cookies, sweets Are already on the table.
    You are our happiness, daughter, You give us joy And we want it to be good for you always.
  • You are our sun, You are our joy. You are all filled with Happiness, like goodness. Believe that everything will come true, Be elated. We will pray, So that you live a protected life And you knew no grief, Warmed by
    love in our penates.
  • My daughter has mischievous eyes, And her cheeks are so hot with a tender blush! You live, baby, as if in a kind fairy tale. Let your ideas come true in a row! I will try to give care, Protect from sadness, and big offenses. Happy birthday, daughter! Main job For you in life – just be happy!
  • Dear daughter, on a birthday holiday, Let all the gifts be just for you! You are the best – there is not a single drop of doubt, All because you went into me. Seriously though I wish you success, May it come with great luck. The happiness of big, cheerful laughter! May only good wait for you, daughter!
  • The beauty’s daughter has a birthday. You are my reward, goal, and inspiration. My dreams and thoughts are only about you, Princess for you, I am grateful to fate. Let the sun give you brightness, Let the moon touch with tenderness. To give everyone a Hollywood smile, After all, I love my baby very much.
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  • You are my Angel, you are my spring dream While you are near, it warms me up When you sleep, we are all together, And somewhere you are like a stranger in the world May all your dreams come true, Mine come true because you are near, And happy birthday, sun, shine And our common you shine on dreams!
  • I protect you From despair, trouble, From an envious glance And senseless enmity. And happy birthday to
    my beloved daughter. I wish you happiness Only unique! birthday wishes for daughter
  • Our dear girl, Clever you are dear, We congratulate you Your friendly family. Smile every day, And you only believe in yourself. Never give up, Happy birthday to you!
  • As if I transferred everything to you the main skills, Yes, and face to mother – beauty and glorious legs,
    You are smart and educated, kind, cheerful and tender, Any guy needs such a girl, Only you for anyone, beloved daughter, do not agree, Throughout life only strives for the best, You advise a la mom, my daughter, do not forget, Happy birthday, congratulations! Be happy!
  • On a wonderful, important birthday holiday, You, my daughter, will wish you a lot from mom,
    I want your life to be full of impressions, And so that the groom was the richest and beautiful!
    So that everyone around you is surprised at your beauty, And so that all your friends envy your mind,
    So that every day you grow and change for the better, So that your life is all in a white stripe!
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  • I want to congratulate my dear daughter, After all, I brought you into the world. And I sincerely love you alone, After all, there is no stronger mother of love! I wish you on your birthday, so that luck
    Everywhere, everywhere you follow, You can easily solve difficult problems So that you can be proud of yourself! Dear daughter, my darling, Let me congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Happiness to you feminine, pure, beautiful, And the love of a man, kind and passionate. Be courteous to people, help in trouble, And believe that you will be lucky in life. Know that mom is near, ready to help,
    Be cheerful, dear, be always healthy. You have a birthday today, daughter, You are so beautiful and especially sweet, Accept congratulations from your mother, God bless you good luck, happiness, and kindness.
  • Dear daughter, you are our sun, there is no one in the world sweeter and more beautiful! Grow up daughter cheerful and happy, Be always cheerful, gentle, and beautiful! We wish you life, as from a picture, Where warmth and affection, the joy of a sparkle, Let the world of a fairy tale meet you
    And gently illuminate the path of happiness! Be clear for mom and dad, The most beloved, the most beautiful! Happy birthday, daughter! We wish you joy! You will be the happiest – we promise!
  • They say if a daughter is a dad, That will be happy, for sure. And smart, like him –
    That is the law of genetics! If the daughter went to her mother, She will be just as good And flirtatious-playful Everyone for joy and wonder.
  • My dear daughter, On your happy birthday I want to congratulate you, Confess from the heart!
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  • You are my angel in a creepy life, Love for life and light. Always for you, I will find the answer to the questions!
  • My dear daughter, your birthday, Congratulations and kisses – me and all our relatives!
    I wish you, daughter, a lot of happiness ahead, Like a spring flower, you bloom for a long time in joy!
  • And love to you, dear, I wish for life, Hold on to it with both hands very tightly,
    And love yourself heartily, just, truly, without any trick, Be kind, very beautiful, dearer, and wiser than all!
  • May the joys of a bright moment Multiply on your birthday, May happiness fulfill your dreams,
    And you will meet love in life. birthday wishes for daughter
  • I remember you were just born, And many years have passed … You have grown up, my daughter, so much
    That you have achieved many victories! And today, on your birthday, I am proud of you as never before!
    You are my beautiful creation, Be, daughter, always happy!
  • Daughter, to grow up for the joy of us. Be gentle, like a spring flower and bright – like the colors of summer, let the fruits of your work sparkle like autumn gold, and your soul will always be as pure as the first snow!
  • Let the gifts of fortune not end, daughter, On your birthday and on your usual days,
    And in the whirlwind of life, angel, Let the guardian angel overshadow with a wing!
  • In your soul, daughter, Let a beautiful garden bloom And let happiness be near For many years in a row.
    So that joy will rain down On your beautiful path So that the Angel covers with a wing And was always with you.
birthday wishes for daughter
  • They say that each daughter largely repeats the fate of her mother. I wish you, my blood, that you take from my life only the happiest, brightest, and most joyful moments.
  • Daughter, a year has passed, and you have become even more beautiful, smarter, kinder, more responsive – no wonder they say that there is no limit to perfection! We congratulate you, we are proud, we believe in you and are infinitely loved!
  • I remember a wonderful moment – You appeared before me Under the sounds of your own singing,
    Half a meter (only!) Long! I can’t believe that there was a time when you were a crumb!
    I didn’t speak, didn’t walk, I couldn’t hold my head! Be happy, my dear,
    And hold your head proudly! Let that song under the name “life” never stop for a long, long time!
  • Always be cheerful, be always beautiful, Kind, glorious, sweet! Smile more often,
    Do not meet with grief, And do not be sad, Daughter, be happy! birthday wishes for daughter
  • I wish my dear daughter, Health and good luck, After all, life itself for us, sometimes,
    Solves all problems. But you hold fate by the tail, She is a crazy bird, And let the good be with you
    Only in life will happen. I wish that there was always an angel behind you And that the house was full of yours Only true friends!
  • Dear daughter! The sun is clear! A gentle nightly mischievous breeze! You are all wonderful, tender, clear
    My dear, young, beautiful flower! Be nice, healthy, sociable, Generous with feelings and sincere laughter,
    Be wonderful and delightful! Happiness, love, and success are waiting for you !!!
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  • Be cheerful, daughter, clear, Carefree and beautiful, So that you laugh carelessly So that happiness lasts forever So that all dreams come true And desires come true So that you are like spring,
    Full of youthful charm!
  • Birthday of a sweet daughter. Ah, how long ago … The still frame froze. And I can’t believe that we have survived, That you have already become an adult. On this occasion, I want to Wish, although life is not averse, So that you take from us, only the best! And good luck on your way!
  • We wish you to be mysterious, desired, The most tender, long-awaited, The most beloved and most beautiful, Be, daughter, just happy! birthday wishes for daughter
  • Happy Birthday to you, May there be happiness for years, All dreams come true, And every day in great love! There was enough wealth so that no one would forget you, And the soul was warm,
    The rest is all the same!
  • Happy Birthday, sunshine, And let the heart only beat more cheerfully, More kind, sincere speeches,
    Let the holiday turn into a huge miracle! Cherished dreams will come true, And all the bad things will come down instantly, Health, happiness, sincere love, So that life, is extraordinary!
  • No matter how old you are, May this day be dawn, Dawn for dear life, With love, with great joy!
    As a couple, let the fairy tale arrive, Fulfills your desires, And celebrating your birthday,
    I congratulate you from my heart!
  • Today is a long-awaited holiday, He knocks on the house once a year, He is the most colorful and important, And all the relatives at the table, And let the congratulations shine, Health, happiness, and love, And dear inspiration, Hope, joy, dreams!
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  • Spring strides across the planet, smiles, and flowers. Children laugh, rejoice and there is more beauty.
    On your birthday, a bright holiday, suddenly the clouds will stir up and the happiness of various fairy tales
    will surely come to you. And there will be many wishes for warmth, hope, and love. The sky will reveal a secret to you – your dreams will come true.
  • Let amazing miracles await in reality, as in the kindest fairy tale! May every moment be beautiful,
    Your eyes shine with happiness! Happy Birthday! birthday wishes for daughter
  • I wish you, my daughter, So that faithful friends do not betray. Let envy, evil, trouble does not meet along the way … All attention revolves Only around you !!! Remember that daddy is always Nearby …
    Happy birthday, honey, my daughter !!!
  • More recently, you, You were a child, You didn’t know betrayal, You didn’t know quarrels and evil, Let childhood irrevocable, Left behind, Do not be afraid, baby, of difficulties, And boldly look into the distance, We will support you dearly, And we will take away the thunderstorm, Let us comfort, we will cheer you, Let’s brush away your tear!
  • Daughter, what should I give you? Broom to stop cheating? Sponge, scoop, floor polisher or rag,
    So that you finally put things in order? I think so – that’s the gift you need! Maybe then the lemonade stain Will disappear from the carpet, table, and pillow … From dad to you, Happy Birthday, girlfriend!
  • Let everything that you dream about will be in your life. I, your dad, love you, And you know perfectly well that I will give everything for you, Dear daughter! Today, happy birthday to you, I congratulate you!
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  • Dear and lovely daughter, your dad wishes you a happy birthday. I wish every day to sincerely smile and laugh heartily, I wish to always find something to do for my soul and for the pleasure of my heart, I wish to live with bright feelings and constantly feel happiness, I wish never to doubt my superiority and always strive for my own.
Very cool wishes for the daughter’s birthday from dad
  • Dear daughter! The sun is clear! A gentle nightly mischievous breeze! You are all wonderful, tender, clear
    My dear, young, beautiful flower! Be nice, healthy, sociable, Generous with feelings and sincere laughter,
    Be wonderful and delightful! Happiness, love, and success are waiting for you !!!
  • I wish my dear daughter I happy with all my soul, Be the most intelligent and beautiful, Let success follow you! And, as a father, I wish you, great Love – for years. I congratulate you today! Always be happy! birthday wishes for daughter
  • My daughter has a birthday today, I hasten to congratulate her solemnly: Wish you happiness, but so that without chagrin, Great love and light of everything! May your heart be dear, dear, Does not know grief and does not know tears, Let the sea be one joy in life, And as many unique dreams!
  • From your ventures sometimes I slowly go crazy. But I love you madly, my dear daughter. I wish on the day of the jam To be cheerful, groovy. Not afraid to go through life, Remember, I am always with you.
  • To my beautiful daughter On her birthday, wish I want a clear smile; And light up with friends!
  • Happy birthday, I congratulate you, my daughter, I wish you good and love Hug your beloved’s dad,
    Be gentle and sweet all day today. Let goodness not leave you, Let joy only hover over you,
    And laughter and smile haunt you. Let success and luck look with its own hand.
  • sun in the sky will wake up, Look into your window, touch your cheeks with a ray –
    Happy birthday, our daughter! Having washed his face in the yard, a neighbor.
    A gift awaits you from us! Happy holiday, dear – daughter!
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  • Happy Birthday! Let your eyes shine, Let your soul have fun, You, daughter, are good! And, like dad, I wish there was happiness! I know You will always be loved, And you will not forget about dad!
  • Happy holiday to you, dear daughter, You are always so sweet, you are our dear. You can always be desired, you can be smart, The main thing in your life is not to forget to do good. Let your face shine with snow-white, Bright, dazzling, tender, and open. A charming smile, sweet, not rebellious, Keep her secrets to her, hide them hidden.
  • Daughter, dear, happy birthday to you! I wish you a sea of passion and fire, An ocean of kindness, warmth, mutual attention, Eternal youth, beauty, vigor, and charm! Husband – faithful, children – smart and healthy, Twelve honey months a year, Sixty minutes in an hour of laughter and fun, Twenty-four hours in a day of good mood! birthday wishes for daughter

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