A Celebrating pride of month Success Story You’ll Never Believe

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How People Make Their Celebrating Pride Of The Month

Pride Month | Drawn to… Love | Cartoon Network

Celebrating pride

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Celebrating pride Cartoon Networks celebrating Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community, recognizing awesome young people all over the country who are drawn to… love! Beautiful Family! [Laughing] We’re the Garcia family! [Laughing] This is my Mommy, Tina and this is my Mama, Tisha. This is my Grandma, this is my Savta.

Savta is Grandma in Hebrew. My dad is a Tran’s man. It’s not that big of a deal. [Laughing] and that was kind of the end of the conversation. From then on, from that point on, I was just, Oliver. Papa. And who’s that? Daddy! I’m Sam, and I identify as a lesbian. My name is Marc, and I identify as gay.

happy pride month,

Celebrating pride With this family, it’s very loving and open ears and no judgments and… We’re all …for each other. Every family has a different make-up whether that is two moms… two dads… one mom one dad… family is not defined. Love is love… and we shine love everywhere we go. Super hilarious. I think- no, you are hilarious!

I think you are hilarious! No what about me? Okay, you’re funny. [Laughing] I’m a little funny? Okay. We like to go garage sale-in! [Laughing] I like to draw rainbows! What about dancing?! You love to dance! Go! [Singing] I and Marc have been best friends since forever!

when is pride day,

Marc brings so much light to my life. Love is love. [Laughing] Did you just roll your eyes? I think that we just love each other. Thanks! [Laughing] We are a family! And I love ’em all. What I love about our family is definitely the support I get from my Mom and my Dad. I’m proud of my family.

my Dad, Grandmas! We’re proud of our kids!  keep searching for what you’re drawn to Celebrating pride.

David Collins Shares LGBTQ+ Pride Message

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Celebrate Pride of the Month 2020, David Collins, and BSC ’89. The Emmy Award-winning creator of “Queer Eye” (Netflix) and “Legendary” (HBO Max), shares a message of celebration and encouragement with the OHIO LGBTQ+ community.

when is pride month 2020,

After “Miss Corona” thwarted his campus visit in April, David felt compelled to reach out to his beloved Ohio University. His body of work, with a consistent message of inclusion and kindness, encourages all LGBTQ+ students and grads to be “legendary,” to take pride in who they are, and to stand up for a world that celebrates diversity.

Hello everyone., I’m David Collins, Executive Producer, and creator of Queer Eye, as well as HBO Max’s Legendary, but more importantly, I’m the 1989 LGBTQ graduate of Ohio University. Yes indeed. I wish I could have been there back in April with you all to celebrate graduation, but obviously, Celebrating pride

how to celebrate pride month in quarantine,

Miss Corona and this crazy world had different plans. But regardless, that doesn’t mean that I can’t come right now and tell you to take a moment and breathe in what an amazing accomplishment this has been for you, past four years at Ohio University.

I can’t tell you how much I miss that place and what an important, important part of my life that the four years I spent in Athens, Ohio was to me today, still at this very moment. But wow, how amazing is it here in 2020 that we get to  Celebrating pride in all the colors of the rainbow, all of the beauty that each one of us brings to the table.

ideas for celebrating pride at work,

It’s unbelievable, especially in light of what is happening with George Floyd and this world finally waking up and standing up for so many injustices in this world. I know all of you right now, as graduates of Ohio University, have an amazing future in front of you. A future that truly can be anything you want it to be.

Athens and Ohio University, and those four years for me as a gay man, truly have given me the solid ground that I walk on. Those cobblestones really gave me a foundation to become the man I am today. When I was there from 1985 to 1989, we weren’t having LGB TQ meetings or alliances or the gay-straight connections.

celebrating pride month in the workplace,

That just wasn’t happening. To be quite honest, in my group of friends, I was the only out gay man. Most of the other gay men who, by the way, were all gay, just didn’t know it yet, or they hadn’t come out yet.

I hope my experience for them helped them grow and helped them see what it means to be a proud gay man, a proud gay woman, a proud Trans man, a trans woman, a queer kid. I created a show called Queer Eye, who in the heck knew that that word queer would become so powerful and so important today Celebrating pride.

how companies celebrate pride month,

You have so much opportunity in front of you right now. Please take the opportunity to be legendary. Legendary, in the ballroom scene means that you made a mark, that you did something the ballroom scene that everyone connects and remembers your name by.

I’m not saying everyone has to remember your name, but what I am saying, it’s our responsibility to try and make a mark. Stand up, be proud, tell your story, and allow the world to see you, be authentic and true to you. And more importantly, love yourself, love, who you are, and what you get to become.

celebrating pride month virtually,

I’m a proud daddy of twin 11-year-old girls, and that for me is my responsibility is to show them that they get to be themselves no matter who they are and stand strong and proud. Ohio University, I love you so much.

The LGBTQ community at Ohio University, I love you even more. I give you a huge hug, a virtual hug, as they say. God bless, be well, happy pride.


Lilly Singh with A Little Late Celebrates Pride Month

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We’re going to talk about LGBTQ+ issues. Cheers and applause that’s right. That’s right, Twitter, start your engines. Now, as some of you may know, about a year ago, I came out as bisexual. -Who! -I tweeted out, “Female, colored, bisexual.

happy pride month,

Throughout my life, these have proven to be obstacles from time to time, but now I’m fully embracing themes of my superpowers. No matter how many boxes you check, I encourage you to do the same.

” And I really do –I encourage you to do the same. [Cheers and applause] Here’s the thing.

Coming out was truly one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. And I chose to come out online, which is a great way to let people know something. [Laughter] But as scared as I was, I quickly realized that for every negative comment received, and I’d get 100that were super supportive.

when is pride day

And I was now part of this loving community that was ready to step up, support me, and fight the trolls. Yeah. [Cheers and applause] It was literally the exact same plot as “Harry Potter.” [Laughter] It’s just too bad this didn’t happen.

You’re a bisexual, Lilly. [Laughter] -Would’ve made things a lot less confusing. [Laughter]

Now, ironically, when you have sex with women, though, you don’t have to worry about Hogwarts. [Laughter] [Cheers and applause] And coming out wasn’t even a full year ago. I mean, this is all new to me. I’m still on my learner’s permit.

when is pride month 2020

[Laughter] Which is great, because learning’s more fun when someone else’s in the car with me if ya know what I mean.[ Cheers and applause ] But let’s be real before I even came out, there were already people in my community who just didn’t understand LGBTQ+ issues.

They straight up –They thought a pansexual is someone who gets horny in the kitchen section of Target. [Laughter] And to be fair, I’m not even sure what to call my new community. I’m confused, too. Some people use LGBT some use LGBTQ. Some use LGBTQ IA or LGBTTQQIAA.

how to celebrate pride month in quarantine

I mean, sexuality has more flavors than Baskin-Robbins. [Laughter] And I’m still getting used to being out in public with another woman. And I freak out. I’m like, “Oh, my God. Okay, everyone is staring at me.” [Breathes deeply] And then, I’ll be relieved when I remember, “Oh, right.

I’m famous now, sexuality is a spectrum, and my place on the spectrum has shifted, I realize how many little parts of straight privilege I took for granted. Seriously like, there are basically zero rooms that reflect how I feel.

ideas for celebrating pride at work

I want to watch “When Harry Met Sally and Sally Met Priya and Priya Met Rico and Rico Met, Frank.”

That’s what I want to watch, okay? And how about music? Celebrating pride.

Queer people rarely get love songs. And when they do, they’re completely misunderstood. Remember when Frank Ocean first came out? People tried to label him as a “gay rapper.” First of all, he’s bi, not gay. And he’s so hot, he’s also the reason I know I’m bi, not gay.

celebrating pride month in the workplace

Not to mention, coming to terms with being queer and being Indian. There’s a lot of homophobia in the Indian community. In fact, when I came out, people told me that I’d lose all of my popularity, all of my fans, and all of my business in India. But then, I didn’t.

Turns out, in a place with 1.3 billion people, a lot of them don’t give an F about whom I give an F. [Cheers and applause], and homosexual sex was just decriminalized in India. But there is plenty of places in the world where it’s still a crime to be gay.

how companies celebrate pride month

It makes planning a vacation much different. Like, “Oh, okay.

The thriving food scene, beautiful scenery. Oh, and it says here we’ll go to jail for existing. Okay. It’s rough out here on these streets, FAM. And you can’t even have this conversation without talking about how LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately victims of violent crimes,

especially if they’re people of color, which is a topic for an entire monologue by someone who is far more qualified than me. But I do know that if you want to support the community, you should check out organizations like The Trevor Project.[ Cheers and applause ] Just go to thetrevorproject.org.

celebrating pride month virtually

And if you enjoyed “Love Simon,” you have to go to the site right now. Right now![ Cheers and applause ] Since I’ve started this show, I’ve had a lot of people online say things like, “Why does she talk so much about being a bisexual woman of color?”

Okay, facts. And second, no one else on the late-night can talk about it.

So why wouldn’t I use this opportunity to start a discussion? I mean, everybody talks about themselves. At this point, I know more about Kim and Kane’s sex life than I’m comfortable with.[ Laughter ] Yet no one calls out rappers for talking about who they are.

happy pride month

Listen, you don’t get to be the majority, and tell me how many times I can celebrate who I am. If you have a problem with me talking about being bi or a woman of color, that’s fine. You’re 100%entitled to your own opinion. And you can talk all about it on your TV show. Oh, wait. You don’t have one.

So, do you guys want to look at a dessert menu? -Yeah, definitely.-Me too. -Uh-huh. I have to pee first. -I just have to run to the washroom. -Hmm.-Okay. So, I’ll just leave this right here and come back for it shortly. -Okay. I will see you back here in two minutes.

when is pride day

Can’t wait.-Okay. -Oh! -You again.-Hi. -After you.-Oh, no.

Please. -Go for it.-After you. -Come on.-I think — -I’ll tell you what. I’ll get in there. -I get it.-Okay. -I’m going.-Okay Almighty. So, do you have any sib– -You have such pretty eyes. -Aw, thank — [Toilet flushing] Thank you. -Why? -Oh, about my eyes. -Oh, right.-Thank you. -You’re welcome. Give me a second.

I’m just going to — [Farts] Okay. So, did we decide on a dessert? -Ah, yes. We will take the lemon turd — curd. -How was it that you end up in Salt Lake City, Utah? -Don’t laugh.[ Laughter ] Have any of you been to Salt Lake City, UT– Have you been — It is gorgeous. -It is gorgeous.


Why wouldn’t I end up there? But I — So, here’s the thing. I used to vacation in America regularly. I used to go to

when is pride month 2020

New York. I lived in New York for a while. And my housemate was from Salt Lake City. And he was like, “Come check it out. It is gorgeous. “I was like, “Yeah, fine.” And so I went, and within the first hour, no joke, Lilly, I was like, “This is my home. “Like, forever, this is my home. -Really?-Let me tell you why.

I’d never met — Don’t be offended. Brace yourselves — I’d never met white men that didn’t drink. And then I went to Utah, and they were full of Mormons who didn’t drink. Like, this is where I’m going to find my husband.” And I’m Muslim, so I don’t drink. I’m like, “Oh, my God.

I finally found hot white dudes who don’t drink.” And so I started vacationing there every three months. Then, finally, I found this hot white dude, and he wanted to marry me. And I was like, “I’ll marry you, too.” And so I’ve been there for 11 years. -I love it.

how to celebrate pride month in quarantine

[ Cheers and applause ] So we have to talk about your character, Detective Rosa Diaz, because “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” you’re going into your seventh season. [Cheers and applause]-Yay! -But your character had a pretty big moment in the 99th episode. -Yeah.-Tell us about it.

Yeah. Our creator, Dan Good, is a really, just wonderful human. And he had sort of been toying with this idea for a while, like, maybe Rosa is part of the queer community. And it ended up being one of the things that I’ve heard, especially kids and their parents talk to me a lot about.

Like, a parent will come up to me sometimes and say, like, “You know, my kid and I had this whole discussion about it after watching the episode, and it was — you know, it was this easy sort of slide into talking about LGBTQ issues. And then, a month later, my kid came out to me.

” You know, like, that’s the kind of stuff that, like, when you think about TV –like, TV creates social change. Like, whether you know it or not. And something as simple as a character on a network TV show being biases actually a really big deal. -It’s a huge deal. It’s an absolutely huge deal.

[Applause]And I just want to add to this. You know, I’m not sure your exact journey or story, and we would need to get into all of that. But I mean, I remember last year when I came out, it was terrifying. -Yeah, it’s terrifying.

It’s such a scary experience, and so it is so important to see people on the screen where you feel like,

“Oh, that’s me.” -Yeah.-Like, “I’m seeing thank you to you. -But that’s also what you’re doing. -Because –But I just thank you. I appreciate that.-You’re doing it. like, actually living it and — And in this kind of space, in this space, in particular, nobody’s been here before.

ideas for celebrating pride at work

You’re the first like you, and that is such a miraculous thing. -We should hug. I want to hug you. [Cheers and applause]-Let’s hug! -Okay, I still have a question for you. You obviously are responsible for so much drag culture in the mainstream. You are –[ Cheers ] I mean, you have revolutionized.

What was the world like before “Drag Race”? -Well, we had covered wagons. [Laughter] And — no, you know, listen, I love drag. I’ve always loved drag. As a kid I loved drag. And, you know, I’m just doing my thing.

And it just so happened that I did it long enough to where the world, you know, caught up to what we were doing. But nothing happened. Nothing happened for 11 years. -Mm-hmm.-And then, you know, I got a record deal with Tommy Boy Records, which back then was a hip-hop record label. And I became

“Supermodel of the World” and — -Yes. Yes. [Cheers and applause] [Cheers and applause] Oh, my God. Hi, guys, what’s up? I’m obviously gay. So, um…[ Laughs ] First of all, I’m in Los Angeles, I live in New York, I’m very excited to be here. I travel a lot. I was in Montreal recently.

celebrating pride month in the workplace

This is fine, but when Americans go, they’re always like, “Oh! France!  just like going to France!” It’s not France. It’s Cleveland and they speak French. [Laughter] I mean, everyone there’s like,” Bonjour!” I’m like, “We’re at Applebee’s, this is…

” I am watching more than I usually would ’cause I’m always on the road.

And I’ve become obsessed with this show called “Ghost Adventures.” Has anyone seen this show before? [Light applause]Okay, two people. All right, guys, they are going on their 19th season. They haven’t found a single ghost yet.

The entire show is just grown men walking into abandoned buildings going, “What’s that?!” That’s the show. I mean, it’s ridiculous. First of all, it’s hosted by this complete piece of [bleep]. His name is Zak. And Zak says every single day, he’s like, “My name is Zak, I’m a demonologist.

” Okay, uh, first of all, my parents were disappointed when I told them I was gay. I can’t imagine… [Laughter] …sitting them down and being like, “Mom, Dad, I’m going into demonology.” [Laughter] They’d be like, “We’d rather you suck a [bleep].” [Laughter] At least it’s there.

But I love the show because they have technology that they just don’t explain. Like, they have a machine those texts ghosts. Okay. [Laughter]Like, I’m sorry, wouldn’t the world know about this technology? Like, this cannot be technology exclusive to the Travel Channel.

how companies celebrate pride month

And also, if we had this technology, we’d be using it for everything. We’d be at weddings like, “We’ll see what Nana thinks of your dress! I was 25, yeah. -That means you started dating for the first time kind of later in life.

So what was that experience like? -Yeah, ’cause you know, most people, they dabble in dating Celebrating pride


You know, when you’re in high school, you’re sort of making all those awkward choices early on in your life. And when you’re in your late 20s being awkward, it’s not as cute. [Laughter] And so I would go on dates and I couldn’t — I swear to you, I could not stop saying the word “gay date.

What do you mean? What do you mean? -I was on a date, and I was just like — I was sitting like this, very normal, relaxed pose. [Laughter] “Uh, do you think — Do you think other people know that we’re on a gay date?” [Laughter] And they’re like, “Stop saying gay date!

” And I’m like, “Well, we’re on one!” I just like –It was very weird. -No, I love — there are so many things that can be weird, even not related. I remember, if I ever went on a date with a girl, sometimes it would be like, “Oh, my God, are you sisters? [Cheers and applause]-Thank you.

Congratulations.-Sorry, fellas. I’m taken. [Laughter]Yeah, we get in Umbers where the guy will be like, “So, where are you sisters going?” And we’re like, “I don’t know. Mom just wants us home by midnight.” [Laughter] -Congrats on your new memoir. I want to show it real quick. It is called “High School.

” You got to tell me everything, it’s so incredible. Such an original read. Why did you choose to write this book? -So

celebrating pride month virtually

The book is about Texan and Sara in high school. It’s about our origin story, how we started the band, how we learned to be songwriters. -Are you okay? -Yeah.-It’s because I talked about us in the third person?-Yeah. -Just so that people just remember that we’re the Texan and Sara.

I see I see, I see. -But we —Who! -In the book, we write –Thank you, the one person. [Laughter]The one person who was like, “Yes, I get that.

Celebrating pride ” We write about the early sort of the start of our music career, but we also write about discovering and figuring out that we were both gay, we write about — -Taking a lot of acids.

Yeah. Are you allowed to talk about that on the show? -Yeah, you do you. Listen, whoever you are, that’s what I want you to talk about, but we’re all real people here, we want to tell real stories out there.

Whomever you are.[ Cheers and applause ] -Okay, so in the book, we do talk about our adolescent experience with LSD, which was very popular in 1995, 1996, and 1997. And I think in a way, the book allowed us to sort of dispel some of these ideas that Tag–We’re very nice Canadians. Celebrating pride

You’re a Canadian, you know that Canadians all want to be really nice.[ Cheers and applause ] -Yes, Canada.-Web’s so sorry for being here. But you know? [Laughter] But we also wanted to talk about the realness of high school, and for us,

sort of dealing with our queer identity and sort of like our body issues and so much respect for your opening monologue because, like, the popping shirt boob thing is like my — that’s, like, I’ve been living with this since I was like 11 years old.

And I just feel like we had all of this stuff going on. And drugs were a way for us to escape. So we write about that in the book as well. -That’s so raw and deep and real and I applaud you for that. Because it’s not an easy thing to do. More congratulations are in order because you are in the 5th season of “Superstore.”

Congratulations.-5th season, yeah. [Cheers and applause]-And you’re hilarious on the show. I heard that your character, Mateo, was actually written very differently than how you portray the character. Tell me about that.-Yeah. I mean, he was supposed to be a straight Latino guy.

I think they saw that my last name was Santos and they’re just like, “Yeah, let him be the part.” But yeah, I auditioned for it, and once I sort of put my own spin to the role they changed the role to make a gay Filipino, so. Thank God.-I mean, that is what you call making moves.

They literally changed the part for you because you’re so good. -I — I’m just thankful to have a job. [Laughter] -I want your life, I think. -I’ve had a life.-I know! Congrats. Congrats on your life![ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Celebrating pride

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