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How can picture turn in to wall art

Free art images you got something out there Lord just so hey lovebugs welcome back to my channel so today. I have a DIY project for you guys we are making DIY photo canvases. That’s right photo canvases DIY like wall art.

Only with your picture now you can blow your picture up put it on a canvas. And hang it on the wall and you don’t have to spend like $100 to do it okay as long as. I have a pretty good camera you should be good to go this is one of my favorite.

art picture wallpaper

Favorite DIYs not only is it good for decorating your own home but these are also really good for giving as gifts especially. If you have kids grandparents’ parents everyone wants to get pictures of your kids well not everybody not everyone doesn’t give me pictures.

You but everybody generally love to get pictures of kids. And what better way to see your grandchild than blown up on a photo canvas. They’re very inexpensive okay which is a very very nice way to say cheap but they’re worth they are beautiful.

free downloadable art

I get so many questions on the ones that I have hanging in my house. These are the campuses that I need on my daughter was little.  They came out so nice I hope you guys like this video if you do give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe.

If you’re not subscribed to my channel already know what are you waiting for,  it is completely free.  I make some pretty awesome videos okay just click the link down below. So you guys can check through my videos. I hope you love this tutorial just as much as I do.

Free art images

Let’s go ahead and get started okay so start him off with your materials. We are going to use a Mod Podge and this is just the glossy one, of course, you’re going to need something to pour all your paint and stuff in I just have some black acrylic paint a sponge brush as well as some scissors of course.


Your canvas and the picture that you’re going to put on your canvas so the picture that. I have is actually a by 20 which I got printed up at Walmart for about $12. The canvas I got like a pack of these on sale at a Seymour for maybe about $7 so everything that I’m doing is 16 by 20.

art pictures of love

What I’m doing right now is just painting at these sides.  And a little bit of the inner corners with that black acrylic paint.  Now Perlick paint is water-soluble and it’s washable so if you get it on your floors or on your hands or something you can just wash it off with soap.

Water so now you want to set that down and just let it dry for a little bit.  This is what the canvas should look like you don’t need to paint the whole entire canvas because the picture is going to go over it but you definitely want to paint.

modern art photos

The sides just to make sure that none of the edges are going to show.  Now I’m just going to go ahead and measure the photo up against the canvas.  Snd as you can see it overlaps a little bit so I drew a little line to mark where it overlaps.

Now I’m just going to use a straight edge.  I have my clipboard here and I’m going to just extend that line all the way down so I know exactly where to cut.  There we go so now the canvas fits the photo or the photo fits the canvas really well and that’s how it should look.

Free art images

Now we’re going to go ahead and take our Mod Podge. I love this stuff but we’re just going to take our dry canvas to go ahead and put Mod Podge all over the front. It doesn’t matter how you put it on you don’t have to go in a straight line there’s no particular design.


You have to use to add this Mod Podge. This is just what’s going to adhere the photo to. The actual canvas I do want to tell you. You don’t want to put too much on this part because you’re trying to get it to dry nice and flat if you put too much.

art pictures of nature

Mod Podge it might get a little messy and slippery. It may not dry as fast or you may end up having globs of my podge everywhere.  And Mod Podge is just very similar to glue only it’s a lot better than regular glue. I’m going to go ahead and clean up the sides a little bit just to make sure nothing’s overlapping.

Then I’m going to go ahead and place the photo down on top of that Mod Podge.  And make sure everything’s lined up properly go ahead and press the corners down and then what you’re going to want to do is flip.

art images to draw

The canvas over and go ahead and press down to get all of the air bubbles out.  Now, this part too sometimes I use a book or you know something heavy.  That just kind of holds at the picture in place now once that dries for about maybe five minutes.

It doesn’t take long to dry it all we’re going to go back in with the Mod Podge. This part, you can definitely be very generous and what I’m doing now is just covering the actual photo in mod podge.  Don’t worry it is going to dry too clear.

royalty-free art

What it’s going to do is just make the photo nice and matte. That it looks like it’s supposed to be attached to the canvas instead of looking like a picture that you dis attach. The canvas and I’m just kind of Fanning it dries here if you guys can see how fast.


The stuff does dry and the finish that it leaves is just simply amazing so. I let it go ahead and dry outside and the Sun for about maybe ten minutes.  And everything drives nice and clear the sides are nice and clear and uniform as you can see.

Free art images

there are still some little shiny parts that haven’t dried yet but that’s alright. Because I need to go ahead and hand these things up so what. I’m going to do is just take a nail and just place it where I want to and actually have a couple of these that.

I did as decoration so I’m just going to go ahead and arrange them all on the wall. And just show you guys another example of how you can arrange them wherever you’re decorating shout out to my beautiful friends for letting me.

art images of nature

Their pictures and hang them up they all look so amazing even my Nana. You guys recognize her from the video that we did.  There you have it this DIY is so. Ao simple to do and it looks so nice and professional and expensive right.

This is what the wall looks like when it’s done thank you guys so much for watching. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye.

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