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How to make and edit an animated gif in PowerPoint

Free gif images hey everyone it’s Edie here from virtually in sync in the video Kickstarter’s Facebook group and I wanted to come in with a quick tutorial on showing you how you can create a gif file for your email.

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For your website without having to go through the app gypsy and this is specifically if you want to create a gif file using text not using your images or your video so here we go I’m going to use PowerPoint and the way then I’m going to use PowerPoint is I have isolated.

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Here a slide that I created some animation on and in order to create animation on any slide that you have in PowerPoint you just click on the animations tab and then you make sure that you have your animation pane open which is open over here.

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Then for each set of texts that you have on the screen, you can give it an action you can animate that so I can say I want this because right now this text has no animation so I can say I want it to appear or maybe I might want it to wipe in and I can say what direction.

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I want it to wipe in from so I can do it like that and then if you see the title comes down here so what that’s going to do is that’s going to make this be the last thing that happens because I’ve already pre-animated all of these other things so in order to make this.

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The first thing I just have to drag this up there so now this is number one and then these come in afterward so you’re going to see how that works when I hit play all and then in this instance.

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I’ve also put some sound effects which aren’t really going to be beneficial in a gift because gifts record audio so this is my animation and like I said you just click on each item that you have and you give it whatever specific types of animation that you want you can see.

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This is going to be a zoom this is an appearance but it’s going to be an appearance by letter and then this is going to be a fly in from the left as you can see up here so this slide is ready so all I need to do now is just go to file and I’m going to export this as a video now before I do.


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That I want you to know I actually made all of the other slides in this presentation I hid them so that when I export as a video it’s only going to pull in the information from this existing visible file or slide keep saying file so I go to export create a video.

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Then I’m going to create my video down here oh it was that fast it didn’t even show you that it was working on it and I’m going to save this I don’t call this five ways to so now it’s saved on my desktop and I’m going to open it up as soon as it’s finished now it’s finished.

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That is the video but why not finished yet because this isn’t a gift PowerPoint can only convert as a still gift and we need to create an animated gift so therefore we need to do a conversion so in order for me to do that and there are a lot of converters that are out there.

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I personally use I will then just drag my file in and then I’ll select here I already have it pre-selected but you can always select by going to image and then deciding I could say okay I’ll do a large one instead and then I’m going to convert and it is finished.

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Once it’s finished you then just double click on it and there you go this is your gift file and then it loops and that’s it it’s as simple as that so I just wanted to show you an alternate way to create gifts particularly.

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If you wanted to make them a bit more custom you didn’t necessarily want to use a couple of different images or you didn’t want to use a snippet from your video but you wanted to put together some text instead and you can embed this on to your website or your blog.

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You can use this in most emails accept gifts because it is a file that is interpreted as an image even though it’s technically a video in terms of the way that it looks and so you can use this in multiple places so I just wanted to show you that and I hope you enjoyed please comment if you have any questions thanks bye.


How to make a GIF with GIMP

GIMP is a very powerful free image editing software, you can do a lot with it including making GIF animations. Let’s have a look at how to make GIF animations GIMP. In the previous video, you have learned how to make a GIF from images with the Linux command line.

If you have not watched that video, I leave the link in the description. Using the command line is a very fast way to make a GIF, but the command line is not for everyone. So, in this video, you will see how to make a GIF in GIMP, a free image editing software.

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The process is independent of the operating system you use. because GIMP is the same on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Open GIMP. Go to File → Open as layers And select all the images you want to make a GIF of When all your images are imported.

Go to this Layers panel and make sure that the order of the images is as you want it to be. The animation will be in the bottom – direction. This is the first frame and this is the last one. You can use file names to order the layer.

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Alternatively, you can check all the layers by gradually making the top layer invisible. When you are sure that the order is as intended, you can crop these images. I don’t have to crop much in these images. For the demonstration purpose, let’s change the aspect ratio to 16 by 10.

Fix this aspect ratio and fit the frame. When you are happy with what to crop, presenter. Now, let’s resize these images because they are quite large, and the GIF file will be large too. Go to Image → Scale Image. And here you can select the size and the resolution.

gif animation

You can keep the resolution at 72, but the file will probably be too large. You need to find the lowest resolution possible but not too low when it is impossible to see what is in your GIF. I will use the value of 50. The same applies to the size.


You need to use a small size as possible. I will use 400 px on the longest side. Also, when you change the size make sure that the proportions are locked. You can see it from this sign. Press Scale. Then make your zoom level 100%. This is how it will look in real size in yours.

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Assess its quality. If it is too small and low resolution, undo the changes by pressing Ctrl+Z or through this menu and adjust the size and resolution until you are satisfied with the results. Next, go to Filters → Animation and Optimizethese images for GIF.

This will open all your layers in a new tab and you can see that some information is removed from the images. Make sure it is exported as animation. Enable loop. And here you need to specify the delay between frames. I will use 100.

Page navigation

I don’t really know what the rest of the options do, so I select “I don’t care”. And export it. Then go and check your GIF. If you are not happy with the speed. In my case, the animation speed is too fast. You can go back and adjust the delay. I will increase it to 200. Export again.

Now, speed is reasonable. Also, go to the properties of your GIF and check its size. If it is too large, you need to go back and reduce the size and resolution of your images. GIFs tend to be very large, but my simpleGIF is pretty small as you can see.

Free gif images

What way do you like more making GIFs with the command line as I showed previously or the way you learned in this video, with the graphical interface? You can vote here in the top right corner or comment below. If you need to make a GIF from a video, please wait for the next tutorials.

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I will show how to extract frames from a video with FFmpeg and VLC media player. Again you will have a choice between the command line and the graphical interface. If you watch this video a week after it was uploaded, then those tutorials are probably already available Just search for them on the channel. Thank you for watching it.

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