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Happy Birthday Quotes For Brother! 500 New Wishes & Images

Happy birthday quotes for brother” How to say “Happy Birthday” to a special brother? Here are the best original and funny greeting phrases.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Brother
birthday quotes for brother
  • What is the closest family relationship if not that between two brothers? A bond that goes beyond the blood, which is inherent in the deepest part of our heart.
  • A sibling is a playmate when you are a child, a shoulder when you become a teenager, a safe place for when you grow up, and face the difficulties of adult life.
red heart with gray background card for brother birthday celebration
birthday quotes about brother
  • Sometimes, the frenzy of life does not allow us to remember how important this figure is in our life, so on the occasion of the birthday, why not remind a brother how special he is?
  • It is said that the best part of a gift is a greeting card, within which a sentence, a small aphorism is able to express all the love you feel.
Happy Birthday Quotes For Brother
birthday quotes for brother
  • If you are also interested in looking for quotes to adorn your brother’s birthday card, here is a roundup of funny and a little sentimental wishes for this very special person.

happy birthday quotes for brother | Funny wishes for my brother’s birthday

brother birthday celebration colorful balloon, star

Quotes big brother

  • When you think of a brother, you can’t help but bring to mind the laughter and pranks that colored childhood. It is always nice to be able to wish a happy birthday, arousing a smile thanks to a funny and cheerful phrase; after all, what is the best way to celebrate if not laughing heartily?

Here is a series of witty happy birthday quotes for brother

  • “It is said that as the years go by, people become more and more wise and aware, but it seems to me that not a year has passed on you. Happy birthday my dear brother!
cup cake with candle greeting card brother birthday
happy birthday wishes for brother
  • “Birthday of my brother! It seemed like yesterday that we were playing in the yard, arguing over the little things, and today here you are! You have become a museum piece.
lots of gems inside heart shape greeting card brother birthday
birthday wishes younger brother
  • “I’ve always loved celebrating other people’s birthdays. Because while years are added to their identity card, I have fun at their parties drinking and eating cake, and today the unfortunate is you. Many happy birthday wishes, brother! “
gift box with flowers greeting card brother birthday
birthday quotes brother
  • “And yet another candles are added to your cake, but don’t despair, think on the bright side: you are one year younger than next year! Happy birthday my brother “
gift box with heart note greeting card brother birthday
happy birthday quotes for brother
  • “You don’t have to be sad because another year has passed… you are not getting old but you are becoming an antique (or if you prefer Vintage). Happy birthday my brother “
Flowers greeting card brother birthday
birthday quotes to brother
  • “One… two… three… blows out all the candles that are on top of the cake; but be careful not to lose your dentures! happy birthday brother “
colorful balloon, sprinkle, star greeting card brother birthday
birthday wishes big brother
  • “Happy birthday brother!…. The card is made with all my heart because I forgot the gift at home “
birthday wishes brother
birthday wishes brother
  • “Do you remember how many we did when we were kids… and all the times you made me promise to hide some pranks from mom? Well, I’m sorry but I’ve already told you everything. But don’t get mad, today is your birthday! happy birthday my brother “
birthday wishes elder brother
birthday wishes elder brother
  • “I saw the number of candles on top of the cake… are you sure at your age that you can blow them all out? Happy birthday to an antique brother “
birthday wishes for brother
birthday wishes for brother
  • “When you were born, mom and dad told me you were my gift. But I really just wanted a little dog. Oh well in any case I love you anyway. Happy birthday little brother “
birthday wishes little brother
birthday wishes little brother
  • “You are my favorite brother… actually you are also the only one! Happy Birthday, brother!”
gifts, birthday cake, head, balloon greeting for brother birthday
birthday wishes of brother
  • “Happy birthday to you who have always been a pain in the ass, who always wants to be right, who think you are nice but in reality you are not. But you are my brother and this is enough for me to love you. Happy birthday brother “
birthday wishes quotes for brother
birthday wishes quotes for brother
  • “You and I have seen so many, and combined just as many. Today, which is your birthday, we should celebrate, doing some more damage in honor of the old days. happy birthday my brother! “
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birthday wishes to brother
birthday wishes to brother
  • “For your birthday I had decided to book a dream trip, to a Caribbean island between the white sand and the blue of the sea…. so … I’m leaving on Monday! In my absence, would you do me the kindness to keep my dog? Best wishes, happy birthday my brother! “
birthday wishes with brother
birthday wishes with brother
  • “The number of candles on the cake is starting to be quite large… don’t worry when they ask you your age you can start lying quietly! Happy Birthday, brother !”
birthday wishes younger brother
birthday wishes younger brother
  • “Being brothers, on your birthday I think it is right to make you aware of a sad reality that concerns you: you have white hair! Happy birthday to my favorite old man! “
happy birthday quotes brother
happy birthday quotes brother
  • “Fourteen is the right age for the moped; at eighteen you can finally get your driving license; at twenty-five, you are still young but slowly you start to become adults … and at your age, it is the right time to start wearing dentures! Despite this, happy birthday to the best (and oldest) brother on earth. Best wishes !”

Original wishes for happy birthday quotes for a brother to a special brother

  • A brother is a part of the heart that lives and beats outside of us. Throughout his life, he plays the role of friend, rival, nuisance, but in the end, he almost always represents one of the fundamental figures for our existence.
  • Sometimes we are jealous of our brothers because the love we have towards them is so great that the very thought of sharing it scares us; at other times we feel the weight of competition, in school, at work, or in the little big successes of life, but in the end, they very often become the models to inspire us to be better people.
  • On a brother’s birthday, a nice idea to amazing him could be a phrase that can express how important it is for us, underlining that this is a special day as we celebrate one of the most beautiful and fundamental people in our life.
  • It can happen that you are at a loss for words, so here is a collection of some greeting phrases and short quotes for a birthday of a much-loved brother.
  • “Life gives us gifts, putting special people on our path. I received my gift from my mom and dad a few years ago, when they gave me a brother like you. Today we celebrate that day. Thank you for being my brother, thank you for being part of my existence. happy Birthday!”
  •  “It is said that a brother is like a friend. You have been much more to me: my shoulder to cry on when life has thrown me some bad tricks, a mirror to understand and evaluate all my mistakes, a listener of all my troubles, a companion of happy evenings, and carefree. You are everything you could want. happy birthday brother “
  • “A brother represents protection for life, the security that wherever you go, there will always be someone ready to defend you. Thanks for always being there. Happy birthday my brother “
  • “You and I have combined a lot, and it seems to me only yesterday that we were playing chase in the courtyard, making up stories and laughing at everything. And today here we are, two adults, with a few more years and an even stronger bond. A thousand other birthdays may also pass, but you will always find me by your side. happy birthday, brother!”
  • “You are not just my brother, but you are also the best person on the face of the earth. You are always available for everyone and despite the hardships of everyday life, you never tire of giving smiles and good words to others. Today on your birthday, I want to give back some of that happiness that you give. Happy birthday my beloved brother! “
  • “To be brothers means to be like the branches of the same tree. Although with different directions I would always be united by the same strong bond that is our beautiful family. For this special day, many happy birthdays wishes my brother!

“You are the place to always return, you are a Casalesi family, you are friendship. In you I know I can put every single dream in the drawer, I can reveal to you every most hidden desire, open my heart as I can not do with anyone else. You are my best friend, my confidant, you are everything. On your birthday the best wish I can give you is to always remain true to yourself and never lose your fantastic smile. Happy birthday!”

“Every day is a gift, to be cultivated and kept as a precious treasure. Thanks to you in these years I have lived some fantastic moments, and thanks to you I have overcome the most difficult obstacles. You protected me with the cloak of your jealousy and for this and for a thousand other reasons … I can only wish you a happy birthday! Best wishes”

“A special person like you should be celebrated every day not just today. Besides being my brother, you are also the kindest and most helpful man I know. Always ready to help others. You have always been a model for me to follow. And on your birthday, I can’t help but remember how essential you are to our family. Many, indeed many wishes for a happy birthday my brother! ”

“Always and forever. This is the promise we made. Blood brothers and friends by choice. On your birthday I could not help but participate in your happiness, standing next to you and wishing you the best of wishes for today and for a lifetime. Happy birthday my brother! ”

“The best gift that can be given to a person is his time. In a world that is always in a hurry, always attached to a cell phone, spending moments next to a person is an act of love. You and I, spent a lot of time together, arguing, smiling, playing, and growing up. You are my family, my point of reference, my anchor. And on your birthday, here I am again by your side to celebrate life and its beauty. Happy birthday my brother! ”

Happy birthday quotes for brother: affectionate greeting phrases

Here are some affectionate and loving phrases to dedicate to your brother on his birthday: these phrases are a discreet way to communicate your deep and sincere love to the closest person there is and to let him know how much His presence and complicity in our life are important to us. An affectionate phrase, written on a card accompanying the gift, often declares what is difficult to say in words, for reasons related to shyness but also to the limited time available in the hectic daily life.

Dear brother, it has not always been easy to be by your side and “put up with you”. It is not easy to communicate when you are the older sister of a lively and grumpy little boy. We have fought a lot and many times we have clashed, we still do it now, but we have always found ourselves, reconnected, reconciled, feeding a love stronger than ever, what unites us and will always unite us.

When they say that one does not choose brothers, it is just like that. An incontrovertible truth. Life forces us to rely on chance, to hope for luck. If I could have chosen the brother I wanted, I have no doubt: I would have chosen you and only you. On this day of your own, I want to let you know that you are, for me, the best person I have ever known and I would not charge you for anything or anyone in the world!

Big brother, time passes but we remain united as children. Today you are birthday and I take this opportunity to overcome my resistance to “communications for sentimental purposes” to let you know once and for all how much I love you and how much I admire you: there has not been a day in my life in which I have not addressed my gaze towards you to know what to do, how to behave, what choice to take. For me you were, you are, you will always be a living model, a fundamental point of reference that always gives me stability and courage, that inspires me. Your affection is for me the greatest gift I could receive from life and I hope my love for you has been equal to yours for me. Happy birthday, my Vote!


My brother, I am so happy because today you are having your birthday and it is one more year of life lived together that we leave behind while before us a new year of sharing, adventures, chats, soccer matches and midnight spaghetti opens up. I wish you a happy birthday, up to your expectations, so that you can celebrate yourself properly, the wonderful person that you are, and that I adore!

Happy birthday, little devil! I wish you the best of wishes for a year of great satisfaction, during which I hope you will be able to realize all your dreams and to live intensely every day, every emotion, every encounter. We spent half of our childhood making terrible mischief, spying on each other’s pranks, fighting for the Playstation, and practically everything: here, try to imagine the number of times we collided and multiply it by a million. The number you will get, roughly, corresponds to the vastness in square kilometers of the good I want you! Happy birthday, handsome brother!

Dear brother, also this year the big day has come and we are all getting ready for a wild party in your honor. Before starting the imperial celebrations, however, I want to tell you something that I have never told you and that is that I love you immensely and that you are my lifeline and my most important affection. We have shared so much that I live you as if you were a part of me, the best part, probably. I thank you for having always endured me with patience and welcomed me with love, for guiding me through difficulties, for teaching me, with your example, to think and act outside the box. I wish you the best of wishes for a wonderful birthday and I remind you, even though I know you know, that I will always be there for you. A hug.

My big brother: happy birthday and happy new age! The geological eras will pass, but you will always remain my touchstone, the rock to which I can anchor in stormy moments, my confessor, and my best consultant! I wish you many beautiful and good things for the new year: know that, in any case, you can always count on the love and understanding of your family. We admire and respect you all very much and me more than anyone, because following your steps I grew up and became the person I am and of whom I am proud. The credit is above all yours. I love you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, greetings to the older brother: the best phrases happy birthday quotes for brother

We now present a series of witty and funny phrases, but with a deep and affectionate aftertaste, to dedicate to your older brother, on his birthday. Usually, the older brother is an important reference figure, a role model to follow: teasing him a little on his birthday can be a nice way to communicate your affection!

Dear brother, now you are really a Methuselah! I can’t even remember how old you are: now the figure is so long and convoluted, that I can’t keep it in mind or say it out loud! In any case, despite your senility, I continue to love you as to when we were little and see in you a “wise old man”, a model to follow. Time passes but you are always the same to me, in my heart and in my eyes, the importance of your presence in my life will never change! I love you! Happy birthday!

My old friend, once again this year, on time and at the stroke of midnight, your infamous birthday has arrived, a highly dramatic moment in which the whole family – tahini! – gathers around you to celebrate your irremediable aging, and freely gossip about other absent relatives (but sometimes also present, distracted by the buffet!). We will survive this birthday too, rest assured. Indeed, it is a joy to be able to spend another one together! I wish you the best in life because you deserve it, and no one has doubts about this! I hug you tightly, your little brother, who never stops mocking you (but also loving you a lot!)

Happy birthday quotes for brother: My beloved old man – or rather, old man – big brother, on this happy day I wish you, as always, a happy and peaceful life.  in which your desires and your projects can be fully realized. You are very smart and you never stop showing it to us. and for these qualities of yours, I still admire you, like a child. Your life is a constant reference for me and I hope, in some way, to look like you, because you are the person I respect most. and whom I love most! As you may have noticed, my gift is a voucher to spend in a wellness center: your health is important to me, but also your appearance … and those expression lines just can’t be seen! Joke! You’re still a kid… A big hug and happy birthday from your brother!

Big brother: summer is ending and a new year you find yourself on the rump. How does it feel to be aged so prematurely ?! Come on, I’m joking. Don’t be mad: you know that, in our diabolical couple, like Pinkie and Prof. I’ve always been the stupid and funny one while you were the serious and studious brain. Time has improved you and now your sense of humor is considerably more intriguing than it was then! In short. I wish you a happy birthday! You are in the prime of life and in front of you. I can’t imagine anything but wonderful things, sensational encounters, great love, and a lot of satisfaction at work. A life like this would fully reflect you: brilliant, always at the top, fast, happy. I love you and wish you a wonderful birthday! Your brother Pinky

Dear brother, now that you are a gray and white old man. the problems begin for me: since I am still young, agile but above all attractive, taking care of all your ailments. will significantly reduce the time I can devote to towing in the worst dance halls in the city Ahahahah.  We are not that old yet, fortunately. I wish you a happy birthday: growing together, changing together, walking side by side in life is a precious gift for me. a continuous inspiration. Thanks to the profound awareness of what our relationship is. I am never alone and I find in you my best friend and most faithful squire. Happy birthday to you (and us!). Long live the king, long live you!


Dear brother: how many are there now? Enter the door?  Better not go into it, you’re right. I apologize for the insensitivity … however, despite the inexorable passing of the years.  it still seems to me that you are able to keep – probably with the help of formaldehyde – in great shape.  And for this very reason, I express to you my absolute admiration.  which obviously is not limited to the fact that you still look like a kid in body and spirit.  but that it concerns your whole person.  which for me is an absolute reference point.

Funny happy birthday greetings for younger brother

Below we propose some phrases that can be “unlined” on the occasion of the birthday of your younger brother. to send him funny, mocking but full of affection wishes. The younger brother is usually more reckless than the elder but often also more insecure, more “to protect”. These phrases playfully iron on this “role play”.

Brother in info, your competitiveness is limitless and you stubbornly do not give up. And you keep trying to reach my year after year wait and hope. I think this is an impossible feat. The major rest of me and I firmly maintain the first step of the podium, always and forever.  Ahahah. Of course, I’m kidding you are growing too, maturing, becoming an adult. I am very proud of you and I admit that I often have to refrain from “protecting you” or meddling in your affairs with unsolicited “wise advice”. In any case, on this special day and all for you. I wish you my best wishes for a happy birthday. Keep it up, you are a wonderful person that I cannot do without!

Incredibly, surprisingly even the little guy of the house has reached the fateful threshold yay. Happy birthday my little brother. It seems like a century has gone by since hardly a day went by without you putting up grain to get my toys and I react.  Sometimes violently – to try to safeguard the privileges of the birthright.  We are now “inter pares” and it’s nice, you know?  To have an ally and a friend in you. I love you! Spend a wonderful day surrounded by those who love you!

I admit that I spent years envying you. Being the last of the brood. They always gave you the win and bought you new toys and video games in quantities. That we “old” dreamed of accustomed to the “recycling” of clothes and trinkets. Now that your birthday we have all been in doubt. We wanted to give you a “major” experience and trim our old shoes or maybe. At best our sister’s old battered car But then we moved to compassion. Older brothers are known to have tender hearts. We give you a gift that we hope you like and that somehow contains all the good we want you, which is boundless. Happy birthday, midget!

happy birthday quotes for brother: As a child, you were a little wretch but you dropped certain punches. that could overturn a big one. Today you have your birthday and although you are now a man, a husband, a father. I continue to see in you that energy and exuberance. that were and are your most beautiful feature! Sure, much less than in the past (thankfully) but you remain a hurricane.  You changed the life of our family with your arrival. And I will always be grateful to you for doing so. You have made our life, my life, much richer, more varied, and profound, despite the fierce quarrels. The childish blows, the disputes with friends. I really love you. Happy birthday, Wild Bull!

Dear Mister Minor – ah, no, sorry, I missed it. Dear Mr. Minor, on the occasion of your very precious birthday. I take this opportunity to present my best wishes for a happy birthday. I also take this opportunity to remind you that despite the eminent position. It now enjoys following brilliant university studies and a dazzling rise in the world of work. I have been waiting for about fifteen years for the return of n. 6 issues of Dylan Dog. Which I naively lent to Your Lordship, in the distant summer of 2004. When you were about to leave for the campsite in Maremma. Waiting for your kind reply and the return of the stolen goods. I renew my most sincere and heartfelt wishes for a happy birthday. With esteem and affection, his older brother

Dear although it seems that you have long been watered by the fountain of eternal youth. The moment of reckoning has come for you too. age advances whether you like it or not. On this day that is so happy. But leaves a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth (joke, come on). I really wish you the best I can imagine To you. Who has been my thorn in the side for years? But also my partner my warmest wishes to you. The hopes that you will be able to realize your dreams and live. The life you want and deserve. I despite the years that pass will always be here. By your side ready to help you to be your “thorn”. In turn but above all to support and support you in joy and in difficulties. I love you so much your older brother.

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