Happy Teej Wishes | Quotes Message Hindu Festival 2021

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Happy Teej Wishes 2020 Quotes & Message Hindu Festival

Happy Teej Wishes Message & Quotes

  • भगवानले तपाईंको जीवनमा सुखि, शान्ति, समृद्धि, खुशी र राम्रो स्वास्थ्यको दिव्य ज्योति फैलाऊन।
  • तीज मनाउनु महिलाहरुको प्रेम र बलिदानको प्रतीक हो। यो चाडलाई खुशी र खुशीको साथ मनाऔं। हरितलिका तिजको सुभकामना।
  • म तिमीलाई धेरै माया गर्छु र हरेक जन्ममा म तिमीलाई मेरो श्रीमतीको रूपमा चाहन्छु। मलाई आशा छ यो तीज हाम्रो जीवनमा धेरै खुशीको साथ आउँने छ|
  • तीजको उत्सवले तपाईंको जीवनलाई उत्साहका साथ भर्नुहोस्, तपाईंको जीवनसाथी र बच्चाहरूको भलाईको निम्ति, र तपाईंको शरीर र आत्मालाई शुद्ध बनाउनुहोस्। तीजको धेरै शुभकामना।
  • भगवान विष्णुले यस तीजको अवसरमा तपाईंलाई सम्पन्नता र समृद्धिले भरिदिऊन्।
  • भगवान शिव र देवी पार्वतीले तपाईंको जीवनलाई शान्ति, समृद्धि, खुशी, र राम्रो स्वास्थ्यको साथ आशीर्वाद दिऊन|
  • यस तीज पर्बले तपाईंको जीवनलाई उत्साहित बनोस , तपाईंको घर परिवार्, जीवनसाथी र बच्चाहरूलाई सुख शान्तिले भरियोस्। सबैलाई धेरै धेरै शुभकामना|
  • तपाई र तपाईको परिवारलाई हार्तालिका तीजको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना। हामी तपाइँलाई धेरै खुसीको उत्सवको कामना गर्दछौं
  • देवी पार्वतीले तपाईंको जीवनमा शान्ति, समृद्धि, खुशी, र राम्रो स्वास्थ्यमको आसिस दिउन ।
  • भगवान शिव र देवी पार्वले तपाईको विवाहित जिवना सुख्म्य होस भनेर आशीर्वाद दिउन । हर्तलिका तीज धन्यबाद
  • भगवान शिव र देवी पार्वतीको आशिष्ले तपाईंको बैबाहिक जिवनमा आनन्द र प्रेम भरिपूर्ण होस । हर्तलिका टीज धन्यबाद ।

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With Teej Parva, we understand Chelimaiti as an opportunity to meet, have fun, and eat. On this occasion, the disciples come to Maite. They consume dairy products. They fast. They are dressed in red, green, and yellow. They steal and wear grandchildren. They dance. He pours out his heart through song. Now the form of Teej is also changing.

There is a growing tendency among the Chelimaiti to have good relations, to go to the Maitghar, to have a feast at the party palace rather than to eat dairy dishes, to unannouncedly compete in jewelry, costumes, to eat meat and alcoholic Tamasi dishes. What exactly is Teej? Why is it celebrated? How did the celebration begin? What is the meaning and reality attached to it? Happy Teej Quotes

The great festival of Nepali Hindu women, Haritalika Teej, has spread everywhere in Nepal. In this festival, women fast to wish their health and longevity to their husbands. However, over time, our culture has changed dramatically, which is evident in our festivals.

Nowadays, Teej is becoming more and more popular, and it seems that Western-style machines have also started in Teej. As a result, there are growing complaints that Teej has become a bit hasty and has lost its originality.

It is not possible to determine the exact date of the beginning of Teej from this time, but it can be understood that this Indian year has been going on since ancient times, especially in North India and Nepal. Happy Teej Quotes

Especially Teej is a festival that is more popular in Nepal than in India. As the original form of this festival has developed in Nepali society, Teej is a pure Nepali festival and it can be said that it is celebrated only by the women of Nepal. Expressing the social, religious, cultural, etc. identity of Nepali people’s life, this festival carries the history of Nepali women which is manifested in various ways through this festival.

According to religious narrations, Hindu women have been celebrating the day when the Himalayan daughter Parvati fasted to get Mahadev Swami and after completing her fast she got Mahadev’s husband as a green tea. Although Parvati did great penance for 107 births to get Mahadev as her husband, it is said in some scriptures that her penance was completed only in the 108th birth. Following this belief, it is a Nepali custom for a married woman to fast for the longevity of her husband and for an unmarried woman to get a suitable groom.


Religious significance

Teej is an important festival for Hindus. This festival falls on the third day of Bhadrashukla Paksha. The importance of Teej increases when the hand constellation falls on the day of Bhadrashukla Tritiya and on Monday. Born from these three things, the word teej seems to have been used from the Sanskrit word Teej.

Considering the religious and historical aspects of Teej, one has to reach the Shivgauri dialogue. In response to Parvati’s question about a fast that yields more fruit with less effort, Shivaji said that it is a fast of greenery. In which it is mentioned that worship and adoration by fasting at the time when all the three things mentioned above are coincidental will get rid of all kinds of paparazzi. The fast of such a time is considered to be of the best kind. Such a coincidence is rarely possible.

It is called Haritalika because Parvati’s companions hid her in the forest in defiance of Parvati’s desire to get Shivaji as her husband and her asceticism. In Sanskrit, Ali is a friend and the name Haritalika is derived from the fact that Alivirhita was abducted by her friends. Regarding its name, Shivaji tells Parvati as follows:
Since the history of Teej is associated with Parvati and Shiva, it is understood that this festival has existed since time immemorial. Happy Teej Quotes

In particular, it can be understood that this festival has tried to take the existence of women to the pinnacle by nurturing the religious and cultural aspects through fasting and worship.

In this festival, which is celebrated every year on the third day of Bhau Shukla, the rate is eaten on the second night. Fasting on fasting days. On the fourth day, after bathing and fasting, the food is eaten.

Upmarg coating removes skin allergies. On the day of Panchami, Arundhati, Kashyap, Atri, Bhardwaj, Vishwamitra, Gautam, Jamadagni, and Vashishta sages are worshiped and only vegetables or one-party cereals like rice that is not plowed by the plow and crabs that grow as a pig are eaten. It is believed that if the husband eats the cooked food on this day, mutual intimacy and harmony will increase.

The jewelry and clothing used in Teej also have their own significance. Religious rites are universally accepted. The red sari worn by women on rainy days is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and courage. There is a religious belief that red gives women a kind of power. The grandson provides peace and happiness, while the red vaccine is a symbol of good luck. The religious belief that if the heart is pure, the desires will be fulfilled is inherent in the fast of fasting. Happy Teej Wishes

There is a religious belief that women should fast without water. In a way, it looks like it is trying to make a woman a blind follower of a man. It is believed that the religious method performed by a woman during the fast of becoming a man-devotee will lead to longevity, good health, and progress of her husband.


Social significance

Nepal is an agricultural country. Teej is a festival celebrated in some leisure time after planting crops. This festival, which promotes mutual love, creates an environment for women to express their grief. It is customary for the father or brother to visit the daughter during the leisure time after planting the crop and return with the mother as much as possible, which strengthens the bond between the mother and the child. By meeting the sisters who have moved away after getting married, this festival also gives them an opportunity to lighten their hearts and share their joys and sorrows.

For some years now, the pattern of eating on the day before fasting has been changing. Social culture has changed in some middle-class households.

In the first year of marriage, the practice of sending money to the daughter’s house has started to increase. This has forced the parents to bear the additional financial burden for the daughter. In the process of sending the rate, it has become customary to send jewelry, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. as well as 11 kinds of utensils not only to the daughter-in-law but also to the elder brother, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. Happy Teej Quotes

In addition to this, the splendor that has been going on for months in the name of eating and drinking seems to have attacked the sanctity and essence of this festival. The eating class may enjoy such a practice, but the problem may be complicated when the eating class also tries to imitate it. It cannot be ignored that this can create a new problem of class discrimination in society.

As a side effect of this practice, there are unnecessary comments about who will bring how much in the house with many daughters-in-law. Wrong and unnecessary competition to humiliate, insult, and give more respect to the daughter-in-law who brings less can affect our social harmony and harmony.

Such social behavior has obscured Teej’s real purpose. The social significance of Teej is immense if such wrong tendencies are to be removed. Happy Teej Wishes

Cultural significance

No matter how modern a person is, he cannot give up the rites and culture he inherited. The Teej festival celebrated by the Hindu community in Nepal is now celebrated by other castes as well. Teej is also considered a fun festival for women, so young women also enjoy it. Taking some time off from work, family, friends gatherings, walks, dancing is becoming another feature of this festival.

Songs and music have a special significance in Teej. In the absence of electronic equipment, women used to sing in groups, but now modern songs and dances are being played on radio and television. Teej’s songs used to cover the issues of discrimination between children, pain, mother-in-law’s grievances, grief, jealousy, etc. But now the themes of Teej’s songs have also changed. As a cultural norm, women gather at a nearby temple or group to sing and play the rhythm of the various Vakas.

Most of the women who are busy with chow and housework open their hearts to Teej and express their pain. This is not the case in the homes of all Nepali women now. In Toll, dance and food programs have been conducted in groups since a month ago. Some organizations also organize fast competitions. This has not only killed the special meaning and importance of Teej but has also made Teej flamboyant and cultured. However, it is a good thing that Teej’s culture has penetrated women of other castes or communities.


We must continue to refine Teej in a way that does not kill traditional beliefs and methods. Modern women who have grown up in an educated and civilized society should take the initiative to break the superstition and make Teej happy and cultured. Teej should not be made vulgar and rude in the name of modernization. Happy Teej Wishes

Women who consider themselves modern and urban gather at a hotel to have a party and get drunk. This is the most smelly aspect of Teej. Instead of looking dignified and civilized and beautiful, the practice of wearing jewelry for imitation and competition of others has also entered. That also increases the financial burden. Such behavior also overshadows the original culture. Distortions need to be removed to preserve the cultural significance of this festival.

Traditional significance

The tradition of Teej, which is believed to have started from the Himalayan daughter Parvati, is very old. There is a traditional belief that the bridegroom gets the groom he wants when he fasts with the green mind and the married people get longevity and good health of their husbands. Similarly, the traditional significance of Panchami celebrated after the end of Haritalika Teej fast is different.

All women, whether married or unmarried, celebrate this day for Anna. It is said that the 365 stalks of Dativan, which are cut in Panchami, will get rid of the physical, verbal, and mental mistakes made during the year.

There is a tradition of linking this day directly with women’s menstruation. Young women participate in Panchami Puja only after the first menstrual period, while married adults and women believe that the entire sin will be washed away after the Dativan bite, even if the goddess is touched by something that should not be touched during menstruation. The traditional significance of the Teej festival has been linked to the relationship.

Teej is a festival to improve the relationship, deepen it, and turn the differences in the relationship into love. Even today, its faith and importance are the same. We have traditional rites like singing old Vaka and style songs, fasting without drinking water, eating crabs after Panchami worship along with the taste of Adilo Chambre, Andiko Latte, sesame-covered bitter gourd pickle, etc. As much as culture is learned from association with the first generation, it is not obtained by seeing what others have done. Happy Teej Quotes


In the past, when Nepali women were not self-reliant and self-sufficient, the relatives used to join the Joho for a long time to feed them even a day, while the girls also waited for months. Happy Teej Wishes

. They used to use the same day as a day to pour their tears and enjoy themselves freely. Since Nepali women from the mother-in-law’s culture have the opportunity to dress well, eat sweet, be free, and dance with an open heart, this festival is the intimate festival of Nepali women for which they were anxiously waiting.

However, the pace that today’s generation sees is very different than before. At present, there seems to be more emphasis on other aspects than the religious aspect of Teej. Today, a very different culture is developing in the context of the Teej festival.

The duration of the Teej program, which is organized not only for family gatherings but also for socio-political and institutional purposes, is getting longer every year and it is becoming unnecessarily expensive. Seeing that the main aspect of Teej is becoming secondary and other parties are gaining prominence, it seems natural to be worried that this festival will be distorted.

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