wallpaper for windows 10 | Free Download HD 100+ images

wallpaper for windows 10 | Free Download HD 100+ images

Welcome to another post of wallpaper for windows 10. In a previous post, I showed you how to customize your Windows background with your own photos. But did you know the Microsoft Store has collections of high-quality photos?  of all kinds right at your disposal?

So how do you access this treasure trove of photographic splendor, you ask? Good question. Just tap the “Windows” key and type “themes and related settings” and hit “Enter”. Click “Get more themes in the store”. This will automatically launch the Microsoft Store with all the downloadable Windows themes.

windows 10 wallpaper hd 1920×1080

Do you love to travel? Check out the selection of beautiful landscapes from across the globe. Do you like animals? There are collections with dogs, cats, penguins, even porcupines. Scroll through the Store and click on the theme you’d like to download. If it’s one of the free collections, hit the “Get” button,

then the “Install” button. The images will start installing on your computer. When downloading is complete, hit “Apply”, which will relaunchWindows theme settings. Under the “Change theme” select the collection that you just downloaded. Closeout the settings box, and that’s it.

windows 10 wallpaper download

If you would like to see your new background photos, press the “Windows” key and type the letter “D” which will hide your open apps and let you see your beautiful new desktop image. Press the “Windows” key and “D”again to bring your apps back. But wait. What if you love your new background wallpaper for windows 10.

And you want to customize how frequently the photos change?  Click the “Windows” button, type “Background” and click “Enter”. This will pull up the background settings box. Under the background section, keep it on slideshow since you want it to rotate between the images from the collection.

windows 10 wallpaper 4k free download

Under “Change picture every”, select how long you want the images to change. You can have them change every minute, every hour, even every six hours if you’d like. Below that, you can choose to shuffle the photos or have them change in order. Under “Choose a fit”, you have several options on how the photo fills the screen.

Play around with the settings until you find the one you like. So there you have it. All these beautiful backgrounds for the taking. If you have a suggestion on what windows tip I should cover next, leave it in the comments.

Change your wallpaper daily Dynamic theme Windows 10

Hey, guys Harrison here and today I’m going to be showing you how you can change the background of your computer, automatically every single day so as usual guys super simple. What you want to do you want to head over to the Windows Store. So just search for the Windows Store open it up and then in the top right.

You want to search for an app called the dynamic theme wallpaper for windows 10, yeah and you want to hit that first result. And you just want to press that button gets and now.  I’m sorry if there was any other way to do it we’d be doing it that way.  You can only download this on the Windows Store.

8k wallpaper for windows 10

Well, look the windows stores pretty trash so you might just have to wait a little or a lot woohoo! it’s finally downloaded so what you want to do. You just want to head over to the store and launch it. This little thing is going to open up and so you see the background.

Lock screen you can change the wallpapers click that drop-down menu you can change it. Either being a windows spotlight they’re both daily, press update now and you can do the same for the lock screen. Hit that Bing or Windows daily whatever and you can see you’ve got an awesome wallpaper here wallpaper for windows 10.

Same for your lock screen and they’ll change every single day so guys thanks for watching hope you enjoying your new wallpapers. If you did enjoy don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe down below and comment in the comment section.

How to  Live Wallpapers On Windows Pc

Guys We All Have Used Live wallpaper for windows 10 On OurPhone.Its 2017 And Windows 10 Has Launched. But We Haven’t Got The Live Wallpaper FeatureYet. Microsoft…….What Are You Doing? But You Know There Is A Solution For Every Problem In This World. And We Can Also Do It.

We Can Use Live WallpapersBy A Method Which I Will Tell You In This article. Believe Me.  Change The Structure Of Your Desktop. It Will Change The Way You Look At Your Desktop. It Will Makes Your Desktop  Cool And More Beautiful. So Guys Without Wasting Any Time.

windows 10 wallpaper hd 1920×1080 nature

Let’s See How It’s Done. So Guys Just Download The File From The LinkedIn in The Description. Now Open It And Then Extract It. Anywhere You Want. I Am Extracting Here On Desktop. Now Go And We Have To Make Some Changes In It. So Open It And Then Right Click And Then Rename.

Now Change can To exe. Now Press, Yes And Then Run It As Administrator. This Is Necessary. If You Don’t Do It You Will Get An Error. Press Enable Dream Scene. And Then Just Close That. Now You Have To Do One Thing. Go To Personalize And Then Desktop Background. Now Select The Solid Colors.

3d wallpaper for windows 10

Select Black And Then Save Changes. It Will Prevent The Text Of Your Icon From Going Transparent. This happens When You Use Live Wallpapers. You Will Not Be Able To See The Text Of Your IconsIf You Don’t Do It. Now I Will Show You. I Have Some Live Wallpapers Here. These Are Simple Videos In The Format Of WMV.

In WMV format. If You Want To Convert It From Other formats to WMV. You Can Use This Converter. I Am Using Here Format Factory. Only Wmv Will Work. OnlyWmv Format Will Work. So You Have To Convert It Or You Have To Download Wmv File. You can convert It Like This. I Showed You The Process.

windows 10 wallpaper themes

I Will Just Cancel That Because Now I Don’tNeed That. Now I Will Show You That How To Apply It. Just Right Click And You Will See Set As Desktop Background. And Just Close That And You See?. We Have A Live Wallpaper Here. We have A Moving Wallpaper Here. You Can See Its Beauty. It Gives A Whole New Look To Your Desktop.

I’m Showing You Some Different Live Wallpapers Here. You Can Download Them. You Can DownloadThem All. From The Given Links In The Description. These Are Some Coolest Wallpapers That I Think. NowThis Is A Website. You, Will, Find Also This Link. This Is A Website For Downloading TheseLive Wallpapers.

windows 10 wallpaper pack

You Can Find The Wallpapers Here In WMV Format. Or You Can Download from anywhere. Just Convert It Into WMV And You Are Good To Go. Just Download It Like This. and now Here You Can See That These Are Some Beautiful Wallpapers. You Can Download Any Of Them And every one Of Them.

See It’s Cool. Call Of Duty BlackOps 3. Now See These Sharks. Fishes. There Are A Lot Of Ideas You Can Apply To It. Just think about It And You Will Get The Best Wallpaper For You. So, Guys, These Were The Live WallpapersOn Windows. I Represented To You. The Best Possible Ways To Make Your Desktop More Cool And more beautiful.

So, Guys, You Can Try These Wallpapers Which I Showed You In The Video Or You can search For Your Own. I Told You The Method. Now It’s On You. So Guys Before Going. Like this video. Share This Video And Comment Whatever You Want. Give me A Feed Back That How was this. Was This Good Or Not

How to save Windows 10 lock screen spotlight images

Hi and welcome on Alfalab PC Channel! Today we will show you how to save the Spotlight Image on Windows 10 The first step is to open a “run” window. Let’s do it from the Start menu! Inside Run window insert this path: c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages Enter in \LocalState \Assets Well!

There are all your Spotlight Images! But how you can see they are unusable So…create a new folder in your desktop. Name it Spotlight Select all file and copy them Then, paste them in the new folder! Now, you need to open a command prompt window to modify the extension Spotlight image files to see them.

wallpaper for ipad

To do that open file menu and select: “open command prompt” Inside Prompt window type: ren * *.jpg Well done guys! Now you can use all your Spotlight images as you want! Remember, to open the “Run” window Thank you to all! Subscribe the Alfalab PC channel and stay tuned!

Hey, What’s up, Guys! Naman Kashyap here for NK Softek. And welcome to a very exciting tutorial. How to customize your desktop in Windows 10 from this too, this awesome isn’t it? So let’s jump right into it. First, you need to download and install Rainmeter software.

wallpaper nike

For that type in your browser, “rainmeter.net” here are two files 3.3 beta release and another is 3.2.1 final release, Now I am going to download 3.2.1 final release and remember all these links. I have provided the description down below. Also, I have compressed all these things to one file and uploaded it.

Which you can easily get all these files at once it is off 43.69 MB just download.
This or you can also download each thing separately after downloading it. Just go to your download folder and extract the .rar file. Here you will get all files which I am going to use in this tutorial first,

wallpaper lock screen

we are going to install Rainmeter software simply by just double-clicking on it.
Unload this preloaded skin which comes from default with Rainmeter software after that. Simply right-clicking on it and select unload skin. Because we are going to use customized Rainmeter skin.

Now go back to your download folder and open the Rainmeter skins folder.
Here are all the skins now we’ll install Rainmeter skins manually. Install any Rainmeter skin good click thereon and choose install. Open Rainmeter clicks on show hidden icons in your taskbar here.

wallpaper girly

you’ll find the Rainmeter icon just double click thereon to open it. In the skins tab, you will find the skins which you have installed. Select any Rainmeter skin by just double-clicking on it. According to your desktop resolution, you can also launch your Raimeter skin. After that, you can simply manage your skins to move any skin.

Just click and drag it simply, if you want to adjust more settings on any skin. Right-click thereon and choose settings consistent with you Rainmeter is fully customizable. you’ll adjust many settings consistent with you. Once you’ve got finished fixing your desktop you’ll get an awesome live desktop.

wallpaper for laptop

One thing I forgot to mention if you are using windows 10 you can make start, taskbar, and action center. Transparent to do this go setting select personalization now. In the colors, tab scrolls down and turn on the last option. Which says make start, taskbar, and action center transparent Now.

You have an awesome live desktop up and running. And that’s all this to it. I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial if you have any comments, questions or suggestions just leave them in the section down below. Please remember to subscribe cuz I will upload many awesome tutorials on this site wallpaper for windows 10.

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